Jeff Mah

Oct 24 + 25

Stick to It
Saturday Oct 24

“Stick to it! -An exploration into changing the body with dowel technique”

There comes a point where one can plateau in their physical practice with basic asana approach. Come explore dowel-technique – where one works intelligently with a prop to increase opening and aid recovery. With an emphasis on working with challenging parts of our body this workshop will bring space and vitality where there was once stagnation.

Fully Unite
Sunday October 25

“Fully United: Higher Techniques in working with the body”

Explore a more sophisticated way of working with the body – where one walks a path between two seemingly polarized ideas: flexibility and strength. By simultaneously working both concepts, we will understand our preferences and hone techniques to make real progress with the most stubborn parts of our bodies and minds.

Michele Theoret

November  29 + 30

Show Up
Saturday November 29
How do you show up? There is a saying in yoga that how we do anything is how we do everything. We all aspire to do great things, but sometimes get lost in the process, somewhere in between creating an intention and actually getting it done we get lost, hurt, broken, burnt out and pissed off. We give up. Learn how to align your intentions with your actions in order to stay cool, resilient and determined throughout the process. During this workshop Michele Theoret, will take you through the physical and mental anatomy required to align your intentions with your energy and actions. She will then guide you through a fun, challenging and sweaty power flow sequence that will lift you off the ground and turn you upside down and inside out. We will become so committed to the “process” that: Crane, Flying Sage, Forearm balance and other scary poses will become “no big deal” Following an inspiring lecture expect a strong invigorating flow with emphasis on standing postures, arm balances and alignment

Step to the Edge
Sunday November 30
The edge is an uncomfortable and vulnerable place. Vulnerability is the home of fear, but it is also the birthplace of joy, creativity, and authenticity. Stepping to the edge takes tremendous courage, however it is an absolute necessity for transformation. Psychological fortitude involves resilience in challenging situations. It does not mean we are un affected or numb to challenges and stress or that we are never afraid rather, to be mentally tough is to resist the urge to give up in the face of failure, to maintain focus and determination in pursuit of one’s goals, and to emerge from adversity even stronger than before. What is Fear? Why is it important? Following a discussion about fear, Michele will lead an edgy sequence designed to test your limits and break your boundaries, from challenging balancing poses, to arm balances to backbends and inversions this workshop will guide you safely to your own edge leaving you exhilarated by the view.
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