One/One Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions are an awesome way to delve into the whole yoga scene. It also allows for individualized instruction to address your unique goals. Is a private session right for you?

  • Rehabilitation of injuries or working deeply on a certain troublesome area of the body
  • Helping you develop a customized daily practice
  • Personal attention is given to help modify postures and then develop alternatives to accommodate your physical ability
  • Assisting you in the precise alignment of each asana.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We know life gets busy and unexpected scheduling conflicts can occur, but we require a minimum of 12hrs notice if you need to reschedule your appointment. If adequate notice isn’t provided, you will be charged in full for the missed private session.
eg. gaining strength + mobility or learning to practice with an injury, deepening your physical practice, deepening your spiritual practice, learning techniques to manage anxiety, grief + stress.
Please include current + past injuries
We will do our best to match you up with an instructor that will tailor to your needs.
Please be detailed, and offer as many options as possible.