Breathing Room prenatal and baby yoga sessions typically run in eight-week sessions throughout the year. It’s the perfect opportunity to use yoga to create a connection between you and your baby during your pregnancy and to continue to build and sustain your special bond as they grow.

prenatal + baby yoga


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Prenatal Partner Workshops

Expanding your family? Preparing for the arrival of a new little bundle of joy? Grab your partner and spend an afternoon engaged in a Prenatal Workshop with Lisa Freeman as she guides you through several partner poses developed to ease the labour and birthing processes. Partners will learn how they can physically and emotionally support one another during the first, second and third stages of labor, managing pain, discomfort and anxiety. ** Minimum of 5 couples must be enrolled.  Stay tuned for workshops announcements! Interested in a Private Prenatal Workshop? That can be arranged and it can be catered to your specific needs. Please contact Lisa at lisa@breathingroomreddeer.com 


frequently asked prenatal questions   

What if the prenatal schedule doesn’t jive with my delivery date?

Not to worry!  Our goal is to help and nurture you through your pregnancy and we will work to arrange a pro-rated prenatal yoga pass that will compliment your due date.

What if I’m not feeling so hot and miss a class?

Make-up classes may be possible, depending on the class(s) you register for.  Please chat with one of our friendly staff to find out more information.

I’m having a challenging pregnancy.  Should I still attend prenatal yoga?

Every woman and every pregnancy is different.  If you’re battling morning sickness, gestational diabetes, sciatica, or any other unpleasant or worrisome symptoms of pregnancy, please talk to the instructor before you begin.  As with any type of yoga, there are modifications that can be made to make you feel more comfortable and / or accommodate your situation.  Depending on the challenges you may be facing, we may recommend that you speak with a physician before beginning your prenatal yoga class(es).

I’m totally exhausted?  Should I still attend a class?

You bet!  During your pregnancy you’ll have days where you just don’t feel like you have anything left.  Surrounding yourself with like-minded woman who can relate to what you’re going through is a wonderful idea.  Before and after your class, you’ll be encouraged to swap stories and coping strategies and get to know one another.  Oh and the added bonus of prenatal yoga?  You’ll be so relaxed and feeling so good, we can almost guarantee you’ll get a wonderful nights sleep.

My emotions are up and down.  Will prenatal yoga help even out my mood?

Yoga has been known to positively impact people’s moods and outlooks; prenatal yoga is no different.  During a prenatal yoga class your instructor will guide you in connecting with your body and your baby on a level you may never thought possible; for some, this may be particularly emotional. Pregnancy is a very special time in a family’s life; Breathing Room encourages families to feel and emote whatever they need to – Breathing Room is a safe place for you to truly feel and connect with your pregnancy, your body and your feelings.  This is a unique and beautiful time to celebrate and embrace change.