We’re hiring!
Breather Leader/Studio Manager




We’re looking for a Studio Manager who will be one of the key faces of Breathing Room Yoga Studio + Café. This individual will help to further define and deliver the studio brand + values and will be responsible for helping to lead + build our yoga community.

Are you who we’re looking for?

  •  Are you  a motivated, quick-thinking innovator?
  • Can you communicate with enthusiasm, respect and kindness, always with a consistent and strong expression of the highest service ?
  •  Hold keen awareness of, and operate according to the mission, values, and culture 
of Breathing Room Yoga Studio + Cafe ?

Skills + Qualifications

  •  You know your way around a MAC, Microsoft Word and Excel and are familiar with or willing to learn MindBody Online.  Familiarity with Adobe Photoshop and understanding basic graphic design alignment is an asset.  
  •   Must be interested in yoga
  •  Exceptional interpersonal communication and writing skills
  •  Comfortable handling multi-tasking situations with comfort, ease and grace
  •  Detail oriented
  •  Exceptionally organized
  •  Have a “yes” and “can do” attitude.
  •  Loves dealing with all kinds of people 


Essential Job Duties

  •  Must participate in our yoga community
  •  Build and manage an Energy Share (volunteer) team , which will include, but not be limited to:
    •  Scheduling
    •  Recruitment + retention
    •  Training + skill development
  • Delivery weekly enrollment reports to management
  •  Organizing (in consultation with owners) and leading Energy Share meetings
  •  Foster and facilitate communication among all volunteers using email, face-to-face communication and approved social media (Breathing Room Energy Share Facebook Group). Provide updates and details on sales,workshops and weekly/monthly studio agenda.
  •  Manage MindBody Online (database software) which includes, but may not be limited to:
    •  POS functions
    •  Inventory Management
    •  Account Maintenance, Merges / Updates etc
    •  Sign in duties
    •  Manage client accounts
  • Lead and implement Customer Relationship Management + Retention With the help of MBO reports, complete the following tasks, daily
  •  Make regular calls to check in with those enrolled in specialty programs, gather feedback, and register them for upcoming sessions.
  •  Check in with new clients (30 for 30 clients, first time drop-ins etc) and gather feedback, act as a yoga mentor and guide should they need assistance with class or pass selection.
  •  Check in with clients to remind them that their passes / specialty classes are set to expire soon, and set them up with a new and appropriate pass or class.
  •  In consultation with owners, develop strategic questions and approaches for customer experience follow ups (via email + telephone)
  •   Manage and maintain Perkville redemption program.
  •  understand the redemption system and help guide students 
through earning process.
  •  provide Energy Share with program knowledge
  •  Answer phone and read/send emails – manage the Info@breathingroomreddeer.com email account.
  •  Schedule appointments including group privates and one-on-ones, resolve customer needs and complaints, manage lost-and-found.
  • Daily cleaning, eye pillow maintenance, laundry etc.
  • Tackle odd jobs as they arise

Position Details

Monday – Friday   8:30am – 1:30pm (hours are subject to change)

Pay: Starting at $14/hr

Application deadline: May 4, 2018