Three times a week, Breathing Room provides children’s programming that runs simultaneously to adult yoga classes. We feel it’s important for mom or dad to spend time on themselves, growing their yoga practise and delving into personal development while their children are being taken care of in a safe, and active environment.

children’s programs

Quality child care can be difficult to arrange and often times that yoga class you have been trying to get to ends up taking a back seat. Well, we don’t think that’s fair! Three times a week, Breathing Room runs Yoga Playground; a children’s program that runs at the same time as an adult yoga class . Yoga Playground will feature a variety of activities including yoga, arts and crafts, and dance / movement. You can make it to your yoga class and know that your child is in the next room, having fun, being creative, and learning about themselves and their super cool talents.

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* Help us to help you take your time and breathe. Breathing Room has a no running rule. We appreciate your understanding and assistance.