Small Business Auto-renew

Make mindfulness + movement part of your corporate culture

Yoga exercises your body AND your mind. And with healthy + happy staff, sick time DECREASES and job satisfaction, productivity and overall morale INCREASES.

Treat your employees AND your bottom line – Our Corporate Yoga Program starts at just $269/month (based on 20 employees). You and your employees will get a year of unlimited yoga and all of the perks that come along with healthy minds + bodies.  Plus, think of the amazing “Boss of the Year” mug you’ll receive for taking such great care of your employees!

  • Don’t have 20 employees? We can extend your membership to immediate family members (spouses + children)
  • Family refers to immediate family – spouses/children
  • To clarify, there will  be a total of 20 accounts attached to your business profile
  • Advertised price refers to monthly payments only
  • Price applies to 12 month contract commitment
  • Advertised price applies only to month to month payments, although year-long contracts can be offered at a premium.

    Contact us at (403)358-3542 for further information