our story

In 2008, while living in her hometown of Calgary, Alberta, yoga instructor Bonnee Gregg began to develop a business plan for a studio. The studio was not only built to highlight the practice and benefits of yoga, but perhaps more importantly, be a family friendly space where parents could bring their children without guilt or judgment.

Fast forward to 2009 when Bonnee’s fiance’s career brought them to Red Deer, Alberta. It was here that Bonnee met yoga student, Krista VandenBrink. Introduced to one another through yoga, an organic friendship formed and Krista followed Bonnee’s encouragement to attain her international yoga teacher certification. Having both attended the same school in India, both young women held within them the strong, traditional attachment to and respect for the ancient practice.

Together, with their unique skills and backgrounds, they began to collaborate and build upon Bonnee’s original business plan. Both women feel strongly not just about yoga, but also human connection and community and personal development. The end result was Breathing Room; a family friendly yoga studio and café that fosters connection and community in a healthy and creative environment.

Breathing Room features two yoga studios: a large, main practice studio and a smaller, children’s studio, a café and sitting area and two, family friendly change rooms. During the day, children’s programs run simultaneously with adult programs ensuring that adults can spend time on themselves while their children are engaged in positive, educational programs such as yoga, dance, and art. The café and sitting area provide a comfortable, relaxed, safe communal space for adults and children to connect and visit with one another, enjoy a small snack or beverage. Evening classes cater primarily to adults, however, children are always welcome.

Breathing Room Yoga Studio + Café grew out of the desire to have a space that was welcoming, non-judgmental and comfortable; a space where individuals and families could come to connect with themselves and others. Whether the community uses it as a place to socialize or find solace, the space gives people room to explore themselves and make connections. If nothing else, it gives us all a little room to breathe.